Why wait one week to get the MRI results your doctor needs now?

Our diagnostic imaging center is designed totally from the patient’s point of view, providing the most comfortable experience and precise diagnosis for you and your physician. Our center is accredited by the American College of Radiology, your assurance of quality.

We promise: The most comfortable open MRI experience—precise images—the most accurate diagnosis possible. We take the time to get it right—trained, experienced professionals—Timely results—Hours and locations when and where you want them—Helpful information and explanations— Compassion and understanding.

No more claustrophobia!
Comfortable for you.  High-quality images for your doctor.

Our patient-oriented Hitachi Open MRI system has revolutionized the comfort of your imaging exam. By eliminating the confining tunnel which can be claustrophobic and difficult for larger patients, this new award-winning design provides access from all four sides. You can even relax and listen to music with a friend or family member by your side.

Your comfort is important to us. This added comfort has a big added benefit: Comfortable, relaxed patients enable the highest quality images to be achieved.

We can accommodate all sizes of patients and all types of exams. From Orthopedic to Neurovascular imaging, our equipment can meet almost every need. We use the Hitachi
Airis ll. 3tesla mid-field scanner to produce some of the industry’s highest quality images on open system.

Relax in Comfort!

  • No tunnel or short tunnel
  • Listen to music
  • Friend or family by your side
  • Easy for larger or claustrophobic patients
  • Board certified radiologists
  • Same-day scheduling
  • Results to your doctor always within 24 hours

Quality Results Fast!

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